Representative Services

Our Representative services at NTIC- Global provides a wide range of excellent and highly professional services for our UK based clients keen to venture into the Nigerian business environment. The services offered cover Market intelligence, Due diligence and Virtual office address in Nigeria. Upon clients instructions, we will respond with our terms and conditions for review before commencing on project required.

Business Resources

NTIC- Global works quite closely with a core group of Nigerian based public and private sector organisations; the main objective of this strategic alliance is to support the ease of doing business for our UK clients planning to venture into the Nigerian business environment. Services such as company formation, opening bank accounts, foreign direct investment guide etc are all within the scope of the services available at our business resource unit.

Investment Advisers

This is a crucial service we provide for UK clients planning to explore the vast Investment opportunities in Nigeria. Our role at NTIC- Global , (Investment unit) is to provide a highly objective and analytical advise into any sector of investment interest expressed by clients. This also extends to the development of detailed feasibility and viability studies in sectors of interest expressed.

Hospitality & Logistics

Our aim at NTIC- Global is to hold you by the hands from our very first meeting all the way through to firmly establishing your business in Nigeria. We will guide you through your initial visa processing, handle airport protocols and transfers, take care of hotel bookings and ultimately manage your entire visit to Nigeria thereby ensuring an excellent and comfortable trip.

Company Registration

At NTIC Global, we will advise prospective clients who desire to register a company in Nigeria on the legal requirements and procedures. The reality is that clients can independently go online to register their companies but oftentimes they tend to either get stuck during the application process or experience some glitches; this really is the whole essence of us being available to provide that extra support.


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